All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted.

October 20 at 10PM:

Jealousy Mountain with Don Vito

October 21 at 10PM:

Natalie Mae and Her Unturned Tricks

October 22 at 10PM:

Birdfoot with Mister Sister

October 23 at 10PM:

Cold River City

October 24 at 10PM:

The Natural Light All Stars with Bobby Rare and The Sirloins

October 25 at 10PM:

Bike Thief

October 26 at 10PM:

John Gallagher Jr.

October 27 at 10PM:

Author and Punisher with Child Bite

October 28 at 10PM:

All Eyes West with Typesetter plus We Need to Talk

October 29 at 10PM:


October 30 at 10PM:

Wooden Wings with Hello Nomad plus Nyce

October 31 at 10PM:

Wampire with TOPS plus DiNola

November 1 at 10PM:

Mannequin Pussy with Beth Israel

November 3 at 10PM:

Swampcandy with Bon Bon Vivant

November 4 at 10PM:

Single Mothers

November 5 at 10PM:

he Sailor Kicks with Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish plus Speed Mule

November 6 at 10PM:

Big Danko with Dogweed plus Dick Deluxe

November 7 at 10PM:

Charlie Megira with Lord High Panther

November 8 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark

November 11 at 10PM:

Dope Body with Roomrunner

Upcoming Music Playlist:

November 12 at 10PM:


November 13 at 10PM:

Otonana Trio

November 14 at 6PM:

Phat Mandee

November 14 at 10PM:

Brother Dege with Mobros

November 15 at 10PM:

Dan Montgomery with The Last Hombres

November 16 at 10PM:

So Called Someone with Lucky Nail

November 17 at 10PM:

Tele Novella

November 18 at 10PM:

Life Leone

November 19 at 10PM:


November 20 at 10PM:

Lures with The Bills

November 25 at 10PM:

Twin Vision with Nilo Bronco

November 28 at 10PM:

James Hall

December 2 at 10PM:

Jared Harville

December 3 at 10PM:

Mount Sherpa

December 9 at 10PM:

Tucket Jamson with Voltra Volta

December 10 at 10PM:

Tank and The Bangas with Ill Doots plus Fancy Pants

December 18 at 10PM:

Royal Attire