All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

November 23 at 10PM:

Wail Watchers with Rob Cambre plus Marc Williams

November 24 at 10PM:

Rue Snider with Ryan Gregory Floyd

November 25 at 10PM:

Ben Glover & DC Harbold with SS Boombox plus Jack and The Jackrabbits

November 27 at 10PM:

James Hall

November 28 at 10PM:

Mother Motion with The Melville Deweys

November 30 at 10PM:

Gre Gre with The Parishioners

December 3 at 10PM:

Sad Girls Society presents Guts Club with Ex Specter plus Kay Weathers plus Student Driver

December 4 at 10PM:

Rik Slave's Country Persuasion

December 5 at 10PM:

Denton Hatcher

December 6 at 10PM:

Rodger Stella with Penny Royale plus DJ Steve Kenney

December 8 at 9:30PM:

Mikiko Matsumara & Jetbaby

December 9 at 10PM:


December 10 at 10PM:

Annie Miles

December 11 at 10PM:

Mike Doussan

December 12 at 10PM:

Deaf & Poor

December 13 at 10PM:

Country Night with DJ Pasta

December 14 at 10PM:

all the colors of the dark presents The Poppy Fields

December 16 at 10PM:

all the colors of the dark presents Beyond the Darkness

December 17 at 10PM:

TV-ADD with DJ 9ris 9ris

December 18 at 10PM:

Johnny J. Roadkillville plus Kitty Baudoin plus Rico

December 19 at 10PM:

The Acorn People with The Noise Complaints plus Uh

December 22 at 10PM:

C L E M E N T I A ! with the Clements family

December 23 at 10PM:

Crud Night with DJ Penetrol & MB

Upcoming Music Playlist:

December 25 at 10PM:

christmas party with musical guests tba

December 26 at 10PM:

Mod Dance Party with DJ Matty

December 30 at 10PM:

Party Flag

December 31 at 10PM:

Heavy Lids + Repulsars + Overnight Lows

January 2 at 10PM:

Miss Wallace with DJ 9ris 9ris

January 5 at 10PM:

Tyler Weiss with Debelles plus Ryan Gregory Floyd plus Dreaming Dingo

January 8 at 10PM:


January 9 at 10PM:

Eva LoVullo with The Fifth Men

January 15 at 10PM:

Royal & Toulouse

January 16 at 10PM:

A Hanging

January 23 at 10PM:

Seth Walker

January 30 at 10PM:

Mod Dance party with dj matty

February 5 at 10PM:

Dan Lavoie

February 7 at 10PM:

King James & The Special Men

February 27 at 9PM:

The Sheiks, Black Abba

February 27 at 11PM:

Mod Dance party with dj matty

March 5 at 10PM:

Freddy & Francine

March 10 at 10PM:


March 11 at 10PM:

The Landing with Aziza & The Cure

March 12 at 10PM:

Zuli with Annie Miles

April 22 at 10PM:

Seth Walker