All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted.

July 23 at 10PM:

High Anxiety with Dangerous D plus The Conrads

July 24 at 10PM:

Jonathan Parish Wants to Make You Deaf

July 25 at 10PM:

Chipper Jones with Pope plus Yelephants plus Alex G plus Elvis Depressedly

July 26 at 10PM:

Rik Slave Birthday Party featuring The Cons and Prose, Beware of Bear, and Next Level Midriff

July 27 at 10PM:

Jesse Stockton and Moonlight Company

July 28 at 10PM:

The Guru with Fpoon plus The Roses

July 30 at 10PM:

Ships in the Night

July 31 at 10PM:

Quaalords with Well Hung Heart

August 1 at 10PM:


August 2 at 10PM:

Native Lights

August 5 at 10PM:


August 7 at 10PM:

Game Control with Yuppie Teeth

August 8 at 10PM:

Left of the Dial

August 9 at 10PM:

Ray Fransen's Drum Center presents The New Orleans Air Drumming Championships

August 14 at 10PM:

The Noise Complaints with The Melville Deweys plus The Quintessential Octopus

August 15 at 10PM:

Little Radar

August 16 at 10PM:

The Get Busy (feat. Dave Rosser)

August 23 at 10PM:

Stoop Kids

Upcoming Music Playlist:

August 25 at 10PM:

Vetter Kids

August 30 at 10PM:

Part Time with Gap Dream

September 3 at 10PM:

Thelma and The Sleaze

September 6 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark

September 8 at 10PM:


September 9 at 10PM:

Jerkagram with Frail plus Hello Nomad plus Trash Swan

September 20 at 10PM:

Siren Sea

September 27 at 10PM:

Little War Twins

September 28 at 10PM:

Less is More

October 6 at 10PM:

Paisley Fields

October 11 at 10PM:

Ian Moore

October 13 at 10PM:

Cassius Claye and the Youngbloods

October 17 at 10PM:


October 20 at 10PM:

Jealousy Mountain with Din Vito

November 14 at 10PM:

Coyotes with Mobros