All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

October 12 at 10PM:

Ill Doots

October 13 at 10PM:

Ghost Coast with Sun Year

October 14 at 10PM:

Quiet Hollers with Biglemoi

October 15 at 10PM:

National Legarde Band with The Quaalords

October 16 at 10PM:

Private Party

October 17 at 10PM:

Partybus Boycott

October 19 at 10PM:

Miss Massive Snowflake

October 20 at 10PM:

Bremner Duthie

October 21 at 10PM:

Abbie Morin with Stellar's Jay

October 23 at 10PM:

The Membranes

October 25 at 10PM:

Vanessa Silberman

October 26 at 10PM:

Gramps The Vamp with Quaalords

October 28 at 10PM:

The War & Treaty

October 29 at 10PM:

Barb Wire Dolls

October 30 at 10PM:

Siouxsie and The Banshees with The Cure (Halloween Tribute Bands)

November 1 at 10PM:

Sound of Ceres

November 2 at 10PM:

Black Laurel

November 3 at 10PM:

Cranford Hollow

November 4 at 10PM:

The Fabulous Miss Wendy

November 5 at 10PM:

Valerie Sassyfras

November 7 at 10PM:

The JimJims with Biglemoi plus Biscuithound

Upcoming Music Playlist:

November 8 at 10PM:

Otonano Trio with Dronebaby

November 9 at 10PM:

Maggie Belle with The No Counts

November 10 at 10PM:

Kwame Binea Shakedown

November 11 at 10PM:

The Pistol & The Queen

November 12 at 10PM:

Kevin Kerby

November 13 at 10PM:

Papa Mali

November 14 at 10PM:

Papa Mali

November 15 at 10PM:

Grand Child

November 17 at 10PM:


November 18 at 10PM:

Will Payne Harrison

November 19 at 10PM:

The Bends with Hello Nomad

November 20 at 10PM:


November 21 at 10PM:

Jonas Wilson

November 23 at 10PM:

Emperor Sumo

November 24 at 10PM:

Rue Snider with Ryan Gregory Floyd

November 25 at 10PM:

Ben Glover & DC Harbold

November 27 at 10PM:

James Hall

December 11 at 10PM:

Mike Doussan